Teaching Experience

I have led the theoretical discussion sessions for a number of courses and conducted a bunch of laboratory-based experiments while working as a Teaching Assistance (TA), both at the University of California, Irvine and at the Univeristy of Kansas.

  • Spring 2007: Introduction to C and Numerical Analysis (P53, UCI)
  •      Conducted discussion sessions and computer labs. Taught C-programming and helped the        students understand different ways to attack complicated physical problems numerically.    
         Instructor: Prof. Asantha Cooray
  • Winter 2007: Introduction to Cosmology (P137, UCI)
  •      Graded all the homeworks of this upper division cosmology course. The course was at the    
         level of "Introduction to Cosmology" by Barbara Ryden. Instructor: Prof. Manoj Kaplinghat
  • Winter 2007: Extragalactic Astrophysics (P138, UCI)
  •      Conducted discussion sessions and graded the homeworks of this upper division course,          taught from "Galaxies in the Universe: An Introduction" by Sparke and Gallagher.
         Instructor: Prof. Aaron Barth
  • Fall 2006: Space Science (P20D, UCI)
  •      Graded the homeworks of large (~100 students) introductory space science class.
         Instructor: Prof. Asantha Cooray
  • Fall 2006: General Physics III (P3C, UCI)
  •      Led a couple of discussion sessions of this huge (~300 students) basic physics class. Also    
         helped design the quizzes and exams for the course. Instructor: Prof. Zuzanna Siwy
  • Fall 2004 - Spring 2006: General Physics III Lab (PHSX313, KU)
  •      Conducted all the laboratory-based experiments for this class, where the main concentrations
         were on Optics and Modern Physics.